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Casinos Accepting Zimpler – How To Deposit

It has often been said that the online casino market in Europe is far more advanced from a technology perspective than in North America. While we aren’t sure if that is entirely true, it is a fact that the legislative climate in the U.S. has not helped the advancement of the industry on the North American side of the Atlantic. One of the areas where this divide is most noticeable is in the payment processing department.

In Europe, online casino operators are always looking for new alternatives for payment solutions, and with the region sliced into so many individual countries, each country’s players have a certain set of needs when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Zimpler is a company that is focused on Finland and Sweden for now and really focuses on players being able to access payment methods via their phones.

How does Zimpler Work?

Zimpler is a payment processor currently available for mobile users in Sweden and Finland. It is very simple to use, with everything contained on your mobile phone. TO register an account, you simply head to the cashier, choose Zimpler as the payment option, and then you will be directed to the Zimpler mobile site. There, you enter your information, and a secret code is sent via text to your mobile for verification purposes. Once your account is verified, you can use your bank account or credit cards via your phone to make your deposit at the casino. It really is that simple!

Why choose Zimpler?

First off, the company is focused on the mobile user, meaning you do not need to access the processor via your PC. This makes Zimpler a far more convenient payment method for players who like to play casino games right on their mobile devices.

Also, the Zimpler account setup has no lag time to it. This means that you can register your account and use it immediately, versus some other processors that force you to wait for a test transaction to hit your account and be verified before your account is active. These days, when a casino attracts a player to their site for the first time, it wants to streamline the account creation and funding stage to avoid any player loss during that period. That is why you may find some casinos offering special bonuses if you use Zimpler.

Where can I find a casino that uses Zimpler?

Our team of casino experts combs the internet looking for casinos to review on behalf of our readers. The result is a comprehensive list of online casinos that have been reviewed and recommended. These reviews include a full overview of the payment options for each site.

Bear in mind that currently, Zimpler is only available to players from Sweden and Finland, although the company has made some announcements about their expansion plans recently. Below you will find a list of some of our favorite casinos that currently accept Zimpler for payments, and if you check back regularly, you will be able to know when the company begins to accept accounts from other countries across Europe.