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Casinos Accepting Visa Cards – How To Deposit

Since the inception of real money casino gambling online, one of the biggest challenges that face both the player and the operator is the processing of deposits and withdrawals. However, when the industry first started, there weren’t many rules in place, so if you had a credit card like a Visa, you could easily make your deposit.

However, one of the major drawbacks for the sites was that it was also easy for a player to call Visa and claim their credit card was stolen, causing the deposit to be charged back to the card. This caused chaos on the operator side of the business – imagine a player losing a lot to the casino then simply calling VISA to claim that it was a fraudulent transaction. From the banks’ perspective, this was also a huge headache as investigations into fraudulent transactions grew in numbers. Measures were put in place on both sides, and in some jurisdictions, legal boundaries were also placed on Visa transactions. However, there are still many real money online casinos that accept Visa as a payment method.

How do I use my Visa to play online casino games?

This is the most simple of all the payment methods when it comes to playing for real money online. When you create your account, you need to give the casino your mailing address along with other contact information. This information most likely matches your credit card billing information. As a result, when you are ready to make a deposit using Visa, you simply head to the cashier and select Visa as the method, followed by the amount you want to deposit. You may find that your casino of choice has limits on the minimum and maximum that you can deposit with Visa. Once your payment goes through, you are able to start playing your favorite games.

Cashing Out with Visa

Cashing out your winnings with Visa is slightly more complicated. In most cases, you are not allowed to cash out more than you deposited with the card. This doesn’t mean you won’t get paid the rest of your winnings, it just means that you will have to select another method for the remainder. In fact, many casinos don’t allow payments back to VISA at all, so be prepared to look at other payment methods (we hope you need them a lot!).

Safety of using VISA to play casino games

While there is a risk when using your credit cards online for any purchase, the online gambling world seems to get a bad reputation for fraudulent behavior. In actuality, the risk of having something happen to your information is the same at an online retailer as at most online casinos. So, you should feel comfortable using your Visa to make your deposits.