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Casinos Accepting Sofort – How To Deposit

As you search for an online casino payment method, you may be shocked at the sheer volume of companies that are listed. One thing to take into consideration is what market each of the processors is targeting. With so many intricacies in banking laws between countries, a new crop of country-specific solutions has found success, especially in the online casino market.

Sofort is one of these companies that have found a niche focusing on a particular market. This European-based company, whose name is shortened from Sofortüberweisung, is very popular among German gamblers. The English translation of Sofortüberweisung is “Transfer Immediately,” so you can imagine why this company has a lot of fans.

What is interesting about Sofort is that they have deals in place with every bank in Germany, which means that you don’t even have to create an account with them to use them as a payment method. What does this mean for players? Well, it means that there is one less step to getting your money to and from a participating gambling site, making it even closer to the “Transfer Immediately” goal that Sofort promotes.

If you are able to use Sofort for your deposits and withdrawals, you will find the procedure very simple. First, you head to the casino cashier and select Sofort as the payment method. A pop-up window will open, which is the bridge between the casino and your bank. From there, you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to deposit. To confirm the transaction, you will be sent a secret code via your mobile, which is used to verify that it is you making the request. Once you enter that code, the pop-up window closes, and your casino account is funded!

You can see why players really like this method of payments for their casino play. Because Sofort creates the secure connection between bank and casino, your personal bank information is never sent to the company. Also, having a dual-layer security system in place further prevents fraud – someone would have to have access to your casino account, your bank account and your physical mobile device to defeat these layers of security.

Now, if you want to withdraw your money using Sofort, the process is similar. The added bonus here is that once you have used Sofort once with a casino, your details are already stored, making your log-in pre-approved. This means you will get your money “instantly” after making the request. This is a real game-changer for the online casino industry.

And for those of you wondering if the company has plans to expand, we have good news Recently, Sofort has added relationships in other European countries and England. The best way to stay up to date on who is accepting Sofort as a payment method is to check back with us – we’ll be updating as often as we receive news!