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Even with the ever-increasing security around online casino payment transactions, there are still many players who do not feel comfortable giving up their banking information online. For these players’ peace of mind, several third-party payment companies have come to be very popular, including Skrill.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a secure online payment provider, which is primarily used for payments in the online gambling business. The company has been around since 2004 and was known as Moneybookers until they changed their name in 2013.

Skrill is a secure third-party solution, which means that you give them your banking information, and then they create a new account for you which is used as the transfer mechanism between you and the casino. As a result, your personal info is never given directly to any site you use Skrill to pay, keeping it far more secure in the single location on the Skrill servers.

How do I use Skrill at my online casino?

Setting up a Skrill account it quite easy. It takes just a few minutes to get them all the information they need to create the account, and then it takes about a day to have your account verified. Once the verification process is complete, you never have to go through it again so you can use Skrill as your payment method of choice at as many online casinos as you wish.

Making your deposits with Skrill is as easy as clicking a few buttons. First, head to the cashier and select Skrill as your option. You will then be redirected to a Skrill login window, where you will enter your information. Select the amount you would like to deposit, and just like that, you have money in your casino account.

Can I make withdrawals with Skrill?

Yes, and in fact, many sites offer extra bonuses to players who use Skrill, or will waive withdrawal fees for using the payment solution. As the transactions are less scrutinized, it is far easier for a casino operator to manage payments through companies like Skrill, so you should get your payment to your Skrill account in a matter of hours, following which you can transfer funds to your bank account.

Are my funds safe with Skrill?

Definitely. The company has gone through the due diligence that any financial platform would and has licenses in all the major gaming jurisdictions. As payments are their only business, you can be sure that the company does everything it can to instill confidence in their clients.

Where can I use Skrill to make my deposits?

Skrill is a common form of payment for most online casinos that take action from outside the United States. The easiest way to find a casino that accepts Skrill is to read our reviews – each casino review c omes with a comprehensive list of payment methods that are available, and we are constantly updating these reviews to reflect the most up to date information.