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Casinos Accepting PaySafe Cards – How To Deposit

Regardless of the security built into the payment processing arms of online casinos these days, there is a subset of players who are looking for alternative methods for making their deposits and withdrawals. One of the more anonymous methods that have come onto the scene over the last few years is Pay Safe Card, which is now considered to be one of the best ways for players to get their money to and from an online gambling site.

How does Pay Safe Card work?

Pay Safe Card is a generic, prepaid card solution. The difference between it and many other prepaid solutions is that you can reload this account as many times as you like, and you can also use the card as a payment method at other retailers.

The card setup is very simple. All you do is head to their site and create an account, giving them some personal information to confirm it is you. You are then given a unique 16 digit account number, the same as any debit or credit card. Funding the card requires a little effort; you have to find a retailer that sells the currency. Once you do, you give that retailer your money and they, in turn, give you a voucher that you redeem online. With that voucher code, your Pay Safe Card is now funded with the amount that you have chosen.

From there, you simply go to the online casino site of your choice, select Pay Safe Card as the method of payment, and enter your 16 digit number. Within a matter of seconds, your account will be credited with the amount of your deposit, and you are ready to take on your favorite table game or slot machine.

Can I make withdrawals to my Pay Safe Card?

Yes, you can, but you need to make sure that your casino allows these transactions. Assuming they do, then you should just be able to select that method as your choice, and the funds will be sent back to your Pay Safe Card account.

Why would someone use this method of payment?

May online casino enthusiasts use Pay Safe Card for their payments. In some cases, it is to keep their actual bank information out of the hands of any third party companies. Other players may not have a credit card to use, while some may have a card but don’t want an online casino charge to show up on their statement. No matter what reason, many players are more comfortable using Pay Safe Card for their online casino transactions.