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Casinos Accepting MasterCard – How To Deposit

Credit cards have long been used as a payment method for many online purchases, including taking online casino deposits since the inception of the industry. Companies like MasterCard made a ton of money from operators who wanted their players to have an easy time getting their money to a site. However, the powers that be at Mastercard saw the potential for major risk and pulled the plug on the payment method for many years, only recently reintroducing it slowly in legal jurisdictions.

How do I make a deposit using MasterCard?

The first thing you have to do is find a site that accepts Mastercard as a payment (see further down on this page). Then, you simply head to the cashier section of the site and select Mastercard as the payment method. You will be prompted to enter your 16 digit number along with other details, and assuming all went well, you will have your deposit in your account in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple!

Most casinos will give you the option to make a withdrawal directly to your Mastercard as well. In these cases, you are typically only allowed to withdraw the same amount as you have deposited on the specific card. However, that alleviates the issue of having to make the payment yourself, right?

Is using a MasterCard safe at an online casino?

These days, there are many stories about sites whose data is compromised, with credit card information becoming available to hackers. The online casino industry has had their share of these scares over the last twenty years. While we can’t tell you that your card information is 100% secure when handing it over to an online casino, we can tell you that the risk is the same or less than other retailers. Online casinos are quick to point out the layers of security their data is subject to (it protects the integrity of the games as well as payments). It is still a good idea to check your statements regularly for any suspicious behavior.

What casinos take Mastercard as a payment method?

As we discussed earlier, both the company and the U.S. government have had a hand in turning off Mastercard as a payment option, especially for Americans trying to make a deposit at an online casino. Despite the fact that there are processors who continue to take cards from the U.S, Mastercard themselves block as many of the transactions as possible.

However, in recent years, as the online casino space has become more regulated, it is becoming more common to find a casino that accepts MasterCard as a payment method. These casinos are usually focused on European customers.