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Casinos Accepting EntroPay – How To Deposit

Regardless of all the advancements that have been made in online security, there is still a risk in putting your banking details on the Internet when making a purchase. We have all heard about the massive data breaches that have happened across many industries over the last few years. The online casino business has not escaped these breaches, with many casinos having had databases compromised over the years.

As a result, players are more cautious than ever when it comes to finding ways to get money to or from their favorite online casinos. To better serve this growing market, many third-party payment processors have opened for business. One of these is Entropay, and they have grown to be very popular as an alternative funding method for online gaming sites.

Who are Entropay and how does it work?

Entropay is an alternative payment method based on the use of Virtual debit cards over the Visa network. The company is owned by Ixaris Systems Ltd., which is based in London, England. This is great news for players, as the company is regulated by the UK Financial regulatory boards, adding an extra layer of security and safety.

Entropay is very simple to use. To create an account, you simply head to their website and fill out the application forms. This includes your personal information and banking details. Entropay then issues you a 16 digit virtual Visa number via their partnership with the Anglo-Maltese Bank of Valletta. This digital card can now be loaded from your account and used as a payment method at any participating online casino.

In the casino cashier, you will be able to select Entropay as an option. A window will prompt you to enter your name and all your virtual card details, along with the amount you want to deposit. Bear in mind that this is a debit card so you will not be able to deposit more than you have in your Entropay account. Deposits are instant upon the verification of funds in your virtual account.

Are there any drawbacks to using Entropay?

While this payment method is excellent for those who are looking to keep their personal bank information from entering an online casino database, there is a cost associated with this privilege. For Entropay, the charges are 4.95% to load the card from a credit card, 3.95% for loading from a debit card, and 1.95% on all withdrawals.

While many people may find this to be on the high side, it is far better than having your data compromised one day. We consider charges like this to be part of the ROI for any casino player.

Where can I find casinos that accept Entropay?

If you are ready to use Entropay for your gambling needs, you need to look no further than this website for a list of recommended places to play. Our reviewers have compiled this list of recommended casinos that all accept Entropay as a payment method. If you want to dig even deeper, head to our Reviews section and keep reading through the hundreds of casinos, we have rated. We are sure you will find one that meets your needs and that we consider being safe for you to play.