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Casinos Accepting Debit Cards – How To Deposit

While most of the online casino industry focused on credit cards as the primary source of funding accounts, many players wanted a solution that would allow them to use their bank accounts directly. As a result, there was a growing number of processors that allowed for players to use their debit cards directly to make deposits. Now, this became an issue in the United States, something that has been reported on many times over the last decade. However, in legal jurisdictions (and some grey area ones), debit cards are an acceptable payment method for online casinos.

Why use a debit card?

There are several reasons to use your debit card as a payment method. First off is cost; the second you make the purchase on your credit card, you are charged interest on the funds, meaning your deposit is actually more expensive than the amount you make in your account. As online casino players are all looking for the best value to improve their odds of being a winning player, losing money right off the bat to interest fees is a non-starter. Using a debit card means the deposit will not have fees associated with it, so you are starting with a clean sheet when you sit down at your favorite casino game.

How do I use my debit card to play online casino games?

Sites that allow debit cards as a payment method will have this clearly displayed in the cashier section of the website. Typically, the transaction is similar to that of a credit card transaction: you give the site the 16 digit number from your debit card and then choose the amount you want to deposit, and just like that you have a balance in your casino account!

Is there any risk associated with using my debit card?

There is a risk in any payment method you use for online purchases. The largest risk to using your debit card is that in the small chance that your card information is compromised, someone may have access to your entire bank balance, as opposed to maybe a lower amount on your credit card. However, the risk of your account information being stolen at an online casino is not very high at all; there are significant layers of security built into the platforms and the payment processors to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Can I get my money from the casino using my debit card?

This depends on the individual casino. Many casinos allow you to withdraw your cash back to your debit card, but some have restrictions on the amount you are allowed to transfer via this method. We suggest you contact a casino after reading our review to find out their limits on debit card transactions to ensure their rules fit your needs as a player.