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Casinos Accepting American Express – How To Deposit

It is hard to imagine, but there is still a large percentage of online casino players that choose to pay with their American Express cards. The company, which in many ways seemed to be stuck a few decades behind their competitors, has found a resurgence over the last few years, and as a result, the number of casinos that accept American Express is starting to grow once again.

How to use your American Express card at an online casino

Using your card should be as simple as selecting the credit card method for deposits. You can find that in the cashier section of the casino lobby. You will be directed to enter your 16 digit card number, and also the amount that you want to deposit (each casino has different minimum and maximums for credit card transactions). Upon approval, your account will be credited with the deposit, and you can sit down at your favorite casino game.

It is possible that if your casino fo choice doesn’t accept American Express as a direct payment method, they will redirect you to one of the third-party processors that will allow you to fund that account from the credit card. If you have questions, you can always contact the support team at the casino – they will be more than helpful when it comes to getting your deposit to the site.

At most online casinos, you are not able to process withdrawals back to your American Express card. You will have to select another method, and then make the credit card payment on your own.

Why would players use this method?

As we mentioned, American Express has had a resurgence as a credit card in recent years. There are a couple reasons why an online casino player would use this card for funding their gambling sites. First, American Express has a card that requires you to pay the full balance each month, meaning that a player will feel the need to be more responsible not to incur significant penalties. Furthermore, the credit card company has partnered with many reward companies, giving players the added incentive of being able to earn points to use towards travel, entertainment or simply cash back into their accounts. All of these rewards factor into the overall profitability of a player, so it is an important factor in the decision of what method to use.

Are there many online casinos that accept American Express?

As we mentioned, with the resurrection of the company as a modern payment method, we are seeing more online casinos adding American Express back as a payment solution for their players. Bear in mind that this seems to be happening more in markets that are regulated, as opposed to Visa and Mastercard which are still being taken from U.S. players.

If you are looking for a site that accepts American Express, look no further than this page! We have curated a list of recommended casinos that take this payment method – below you will see some of our favorites, whether it be for having great software or excellent promotions. Remember, if you are going to use an American Express, make sure to add in your rewards to your profitability so you can be a winning player in less time!